Weekend membership at LaunchHouse!

Join us Friday to Sunday and use LaunchHouse as a focused place to get work done on the weekends. 

Weekend Membership fee: $75/month

Plus join us for Lunch and Learns and Happy Hours during the week. 

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Why Coworking?

Coworking is a way to get the benefits and amenities of office space without the hassle of expensive commercial leases. But coworking at LaunchHouse is more than just about working, it's working with like-minded people who don't fit the neat 9-5 corporate box.

Each day you get to come in and work with people you like. People who will help you troubleshoot your business problems and help you come up with new ideas to advance your business.

Amenities include coffee, snacks, high speed WiFi, reliable printing, large monitors for your laptop, conference rooms, neworking events, and a comfortable place to get work done each day. 

Plus, networking comes included as the people you work with each day will be future friends and business connections. (And of course, we are dog friendly in Highland Heights and you can bring yours or take a break with another member's four-legged friend.)

Grow with a community

Each day you'll find members working on their own projects and receiving feedback from helpful members. As a community, we have brainstormed new company names, done product tests and demos, revised websites, and provided a sounding board for budding entrepreneurs.

You’ll also get a chance to learn and network with our Lunch and Learns, Happy Hours, and Startup Standups—each event has an entrepreneur teaching a lesson, sharing a story, or receiving pitch feedback. You can't help but improve in our vibrant entrepreneurial community.

But the best way to know if coworking is right for you and your business is to try it out. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Work on the weekends at LaunchHouse for just $75/month.

Weekends at LaunchHouse

Typically, the space is quieter and more focused on the weekend

The community size is typically smaller on the weekends, which means it's much easier to get that book chapter or logo revision done.

People still come and go but the overall flow is much slower and focused.

Use LaunchHouse on the weekend as your second office

Sometimes your main office can be too much or the home office is taken up by family on the weekends. Make LaunchHouse your secret weapon, your second office.

All of our business amenities are available on the weekend but you will have to brew your own coffee.

Work on the weekend and join us during the week for our events.

Weekend members are definitely invited to our Lunch and Learns and Happy Hours during the week. Come join us and meet new people.

Plus, you'll get all of the amenities of an office included when you work with us. 

High speed WiFi and Reliable Printing

We recently upgraded both our internet and our printer and our members couldn't be happier about the change. 

We know that your video conference or client proposal are too important to leave to chance. Come work in a community where business essential services are a given.

Coffee and Snacks

Plenty of small businesses and freelancers run on coffee. We always have a pot brewing of ground coffee and we have the option of K-cups if you have your own that you'd like to bring.

Snacks are plentiful in the space for when you need that quick snack and don't want to go out to eat. Each month is a different mix but member favorites include popcorn, energy bars, and plaintain chips.

Monitors for better computer use

Throughout the space you'll find desktop monitors that you can use for viewing large spreadsheets, handling that big graphics project, or just having the luxury of a second screen. Some are VGA and others are HD.

Lunch and Learns and Happy Hours

The best part about LaunchHouse is learning from others. Twice a month we have Lunch and Learns where an outside expert comes in and shares their knowledge with us over lunch.

Happy hours twice a month in the evenings almost always feature an entrepreneur who comes to tell their story and share their successes and failures along the way over snacks and drinks.

Conference Rooms for Client Meetings and Phone Calls

Need a small private space for a quick meeting or phone call? We have a series of conference rooms that you can book easily and use at your convenience.

Our conference rooms can fit groups as small as four people and as large as 40. Perfect for any size meeting.

Open coworking seating and work area

If you have employees who will work outside of your private office they can take advantage of our flexible seating and coworking space. You can of course work out in the coworking space, too! 

Many of our tables have whiteboard tops which make them perfect for collaboration and keeping track of daily to-do lists.

Mailbox and Professional Address

Need a professional business address to register your business or receive mail? 

Our Community Manager handles the mail each day and ensures that our members' packages and letters get to the right person each day. You can use LaunchHouse as a secure location for your mail with a professional business address attached.

A network of entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and remote workers

Everyone who works at LaunchHouse is in a different industry and that is what makes the community so incredible. Everyone learns from each other and it's quite common for businesses across industries to run into similar problems. So why not solve them together?

Work with us on the weekends: $75/month

Try us out and you just might find the entrepreneurial community that makes all the difference for your business

At the end of the day, building a business or working remotely can be pretty lonely. So why not join a vibrant coworking community that is going to be there for you when things get tough?

It makes all the difference in the world when you can go to a place specifically to get work done and you get to meet some pretty awesome people along the way. 

Coworking isn't just for startups but it's for freelancers, small business owners, remote workers, and everyone in between who doesn't want to keep working out of the coffee shop or at home.

So come work with us and change your business forever!